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If you live or work in California, you likely rely on the city’s sprawling network of highways and Interstates for your daily commute, for visiting friends and family, or for enjoying a day of recreation and relaxation. However, the freeway system has gained a reputation for posing significant hazards to drivers. While the consequences of a severe car accident can be immediately evident, even apparently minor collisions can have serious repercussions for your health and mobility.

At Crissman Law, accident attorney Jeff Crissman works directly with Californians to provide them with compassionate service and tangible results. If you have been injured, or if your loved one has been killed, in an automobile collision, Mr. Crissman can provide you with the attentive, personalized service you need to secure compensation and begin the recovery process.

Serious Focus For Serious Motorcycle Crashes

Southern California is, in many ways, a motorcyclist’s paradise. Sunny skies, warm weather and scenic views between the mountains and the ocean treat bikers to ideal conditions for most of the year. However, collisions between motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous – and they are some 28 times more deadly than car or truck accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Misguided by common stereotypes that paint bikers as reckless or careless, police officers at the scene of an accident, insurance adjusters, and even juries are often predisposed to blame motorcyclists for crashes that result in injury or death.

Motorcycle crash attorney Jeff Crissman provides bikers and their families with the fierce, focused representation they deserve. With over a decade of experience practicing exclusively personal injury law, Mr. Crissman knows how to cut through biased crash reports and complex medical records to fully document the cause and extent of his clients’ injuries, and to hold careless drivers responsible. His compelling advocacy can obtain the compensation motorcyclists need to rebuild their health and security.

Standing Up To Trucking Companies After Commercial Vehicle Collisions

As the center of national and international trade, California’s freeways are no stranger to semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. With their significant weight and speed, collisions between commercial trucks and other automobiles can be devastating for California drivers – resulting in serious injury, paralysis or death. While commercial trucking companies and insurance adjusters work diligently to minimize the compensation paid to motorists harmed by negligent truckers, attorney Jeff Crissman presses forward with confidence and conviction. He works directly with Californians injured in truck accidents to ensure they are heard and supported throughout their recovery process, while fighting tirelessly to tell their stories and secure their futures.

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